Is There a Katy Perry Sex Tape?

A poll was once taken: who would you want to see most in a celebrity sex tape?  Guess who ended up number 1 with 26% of the vote? Katy Perry.  People from around the world would love nothing more than a private leaked tape to hit the Internet.  Thus far, we haven't seen anything concrete, but that doesn't mean it won't happen! With hacked photo leaks like The Fappening, and the ever increasing use of mobile phones (and HD video!), more and more sex tapes are definitely going to be hitting the web in the coming years.  A Katy Perry sex tape would definitely break the Internet.  Katy would defeat Kim in that battle -- just because she's not as much of a ho as Kim!

When Russell Brand was asked about a sex tape between the two of them, he said: “We'll do a sex tape! Give them what they want!"

Well... this is what we want!!!!

Katy Perry sex tape leaked
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With the sexual conquests of Mr. Brand out there, it would not be a surprising jump to conclude he filmed himself fucking Katy... perhaps from behind??  Those tits are pretty famous though, so maybe he recorded all angles.

Here are a few hot videos of Katy though!

Check out this amazing upskirt on stage from Katy!